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Win your battles and shape the world

Sci-fi MMO in an urban theme

Choose your path and conquer this Megapolis of opportunities! Develop your skills and your career as alliances and hatred dynamics constantly change.

Plays directly from your browser, no plugins required!

“...don’t be fool, you’ll die some day,
but I wish you the day of your death not to die,
before your God gives you a second chance,
just like two are the suns, setting to the horizon of Anassin”

Urban Galaxy takes place on Anassin, capital city of the domain called “Dual Solar Empire”, located on planet Cotricon. Anassin, capital of an empire possessing many colonies and bases on its solar system, is vast in size, acting as a center for commercial, cultural and religion activities.


Literally …PLAY NOW!

Play from everywhere! All you will need is a modern browser and internet connection! That's all we used to create the game.

Change the game

The world is evolving based on your actions. Quests and events change the game like in a giant chess table. Each NPC, group and company has its own goals. Choose your goal and path, participate on dynamic events on each district to change the balance on the whole world or simply sit back and enjoy the battles.

Fight your way to victory

Earn your battles as all the mobs you fight really fight you back! You will be chased and found in difficult situations when your enemies call for back up. In your defense you have a rich weaponry of special attacks, defense mechanisms and a hell of alot available items to choose from.

Play inside a unique setting

You are a newcomer on a Megacity. Almost all districts are filled with outlaws and pirates while the police and military are pressing on! Maneuver your ship around skyscrapers and use the field in your benefit.

All Features

Plays directly from your browser using WebGL and other native HTML5 technologies. Supported officially: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft IE11.

Airships in a Megapolis, explore the dynamics and the gameplay inside a big city with gigantic buildings.

A really dynamic world which changes with every move you make. Every NPC, gang and company have their personal goals like each player. Any action, quest, event or dogfight affects those goals and each ones strategy.

Pick a fighter, ghost or support ship to experience another gameplay. Every class has unique features and skillsets that define it and restrict it. Choose the one that fits your current gameplay style!

A diverse set of event types you can jump right in. Simple deathmatches, capture the flag, defend or attack a base, capture headquarters and an all new gather the most resources. The whole city is flourishing with events that happen right in front of you and you can instantly join to help.

Choose your play style, or even change half-way there. We tried to remove any obstacles to roleplaying. No quest is required, nor event or raid. What really matters is your goal, how you will reach it is your problem