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New Zealand Online Casino Guide

New Zealand gambling is closely regulated by the gambling commission that is encompassed by the department of internal affairs. The gambling commission licenses casinos approve agreements between casino operators and casino venue license holders and specify conditions for licensing casinos. If you are interested in participating in online gambling through New Zealand, there is a website called Best New Zealand Casinos, that is available to answer any questions that you might have about online casinos. Gambling was not allowed for many years but it is now as it is regulated by the department of internal affairs for New Zealand. The allowed gambling games include gambling on any sporting events, horse racing, slot machines, lotteries, and of course online casinos. The breakdown of how much money is spent on each of these games includes 35% on slot machines, 26% on casinos, 21% on lotteries, and 18% is spent on sports betting.

New Zealand requires all public gaming businesses to donate a certain portion of profits that are gained through gambling, to the local community. It is important to make sure that the casino that is chosen has obtained a certification from a highly regarded testing agency such as eCogra, Along with all of the proper licenses for the country in which the online casino is best. If you have confirmed that all of this is true then you have made a smart decision on what online casino to participate in and they’re your money is safe. If you are unsure of where to find out if the only casino has these items, most often the online casinos homepage will have this information listed at the very bottom of the page. If you aren’t able to find that information at the bottom of the homepage then that is probably not a good online casino that you should be participating in.

Popular Games

Blackjack is a popular card game and it is known for having the best odds in the gambling world. Overall table games just tend to have better odds than slot machines or any other machine-based games. Machine-based games are just strictly luck where table games actually require a little bit of skill so you are more in control of your winnings. Remember that is important to be at least 20 years old in order to enter a casino or in order to participate in online gambling and an online casino. However, you are able to participate in sports betting, horse racing, lotteries and scratch cards for the lottery when you were 18 years old.

There are lotteries available to participate in on online casinos. Some of these are named Wheel of Wishes, Mega Mullah, Major Millions, and Treasure Nile. Some of the slot machines that are available for playing include Jungle Jim, Gonzos Quest, Cool Buck, Tarzan, Fruit VS Candy, and River of Riches. Some of the online table games include online blackjack, roulette, Keno, bingo and video poker. Most online casinos have all of these options available to your disposal however you may also see some of these options available at convenience stores, grocery stores, your local mall and other public places. Common ones to see outside of online casinos or brick and mortar Casino’s are lotteries, scratch-off tickets and even slot machines.

Top Online Casinos

#1. The number one top-rated online casino in New Zealand is called JackpotCity Casino. JackpotCity online casino was launched in 1998 by the Malta Gaming Authority. It offers more than 500 casino games that can be played online with 100% safe and secure banking possibilities. There’s also 24/7 support that can be reached through email or live chat. They are usually running a deposit bonus promotion that matches your deposits up to a certain percentage. Currently, the match bonus is up to 400 on your first second third and fourth deposits. That is a total of $1600 in free money to use at the online casino at JackpotCity. There are alive dealer games, more than 630+ casino games and a $5 million mega mullah jackpot. These games are available for anyone that wishes to bet money and play them.

#2. The number two top-rated online casino in New Zealand is called SPIN Casino. On this online casino website, they are currently offering a $2000 welcome bonus. This bonus is available for new customers only with a minimum deposit of $10. They offer slot machines, roulette, blackjack, as well as Live Casino games complete with live dealers. On the site, you will find over 700 casino games that are very high-quality. Out of all of the games that they offer over $5 million is the average paid out daily. The highest payout ratio is 97.69%. There’s also a range of deposit methods available to those who wish to deposit money in order to play an online casino. SPIN Casino is a great option with wonderful payout availability for anyone who is interested in playing online casino games for money or just for fun.

#3. The number three top-rated online casino in New Zealand is called Europa Casino. With Europa Casino, all of your deposit options come with added bonuses. They have instant flash games that do not require any downloading of the games and 1000 casino games to choose from. If you run into any trouble there’s also 24/7 live customer support available to you. Some of the games available or slot machines, roulette, card machines, and there are rather large jackpots for you to take a chance at winning. They also have a VIP club available for you to join into, this VIP club has extra added bonuses for your enjoyment.

When you have chosen your casino that you would like to online gamble at it is important to figure out how you would like to deposit your money before you play. Most of the casinos accept credit cards, debit cards as well as prepaid cards. You can use an E-wallet such as PayPal or you can also use bank transfer transfers and wire transfers. Any of these options will work when making all of your deposits and withdrawals while playing at an online casino of your choice.

Online casinos that are played internationally such as from New Zealand, allow their players to keep 100% of their winnings without having to pay any taxes on them. Just remember to always make sure that your online casino is a reputable casino so that you are not scammed into losing your money. If you do feel like you have been scammed by using an uncertified online casino then there are people available online to help you get your money back or to attempt to get your money back.

The Best Adventure Themed Slot Games

Playing an adventure-themed slot can be a thrilling experience for those players who love legends, far away locations, and stories based on myth. You will enjoy discovering the many adventure-driven characters who await your arrival as you make your way through archaeological and historical settings. The other thing is that players are not worried about any big wins as long as they are able to enjoy playing their favourite adventure slot. By involving different adventures, players can seek out plenty of action, treasures, and backgrounds.

Why You Should Play

Regardless of how much you plan to spend while playing or your method for playing, an adventure slot is able to blast you off towards the adventure of a lifetime. That way, your imagination will always be sparked. It is for these reasons that a theme surrounding adventure is favoured more out of all of the rest. So, if you’re ready for the nonstop excitement and thrills, then check out the best adventure-themed slot games we’ve listed below.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is an adventure that follows Gonzalo Pizarro, an adventurer on the lookout for treasures. It is among the best-themed slots involving adventure. This adventure is also a top slot to have been released by NetEnt so players are able to explore the deep jungles of Central America from the comfort of home. Some of the game characteristics include wilds, free fall symbols, multipliers, avalanche reels, and many other visuals that provide aspects that are fascinating and straightforward.

Mining Fever

As you meet up with these crazy dwarfs, you’ll begin an adventure that has you searching for a treasure that a dragon is safeguarding. You’ll love how you need to work together in order to reach a deep depth as you drill. Then, collect gold along the way as the Dwarven Gold Train take you on an exciting quest. Mining Fever involves many activities besides drilling such as hitting, banging, and bombing throughout the game so if you have not played it before, then you will be glad you did as you discover over 240 different ways to become a winner.

Treasure Skyland

If you love you some monkeys, then you will enjoy playing Treasure Skyland. There is no need to wait to get underway on a sea adventure heading to Treasure Skyland. The entire design surrounds its map and Feature Reel. With the slot’s Feature Reel, it indiscriminately spins so that your odds are increased with the help of multipliers, upgrades, and features that extend the winnings. In addition to that, as soon as the map steps are completed the prize will be revealed during its Pick Bonus.

Aldo’s Journey

If world travel is your thing, then you’ll love heading out on Aldo’s Journey. While out and about you’ll be traveling all throughout Mongolia, Italy, China, and Persia. As you make your way through each location, you’ll obtain some added benefits while taking part in Aldo’s round of free spins. Aldo’s Journey presents some of the most absorbing image and visuals. It truly is a unique game that provides a lot of fun for the player. It is perfect for times where you want to experience a little more surprising quest.

Skulls Up!

During this pirate journey, you’ll be on the search for treasure and skulls as part of a crew of pirates. So, get ready for the high seas as you get underway with Skulls Up! Throughout the Skulls Up adventure, you’ll be on the lookout for their Flaming Skull wilds, which will provide you with re-spins. Once all three symbols of the treasure chest are activated, a round of free spins gets opened. Besides increasing the number of possible winnings, these spins can also raise the reel symbols to six. If you love true adventure, then you want to make sure to be a part of this game’s action.

Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx

The Lost Sphinx is Jungle Jim’s follow up adventure that sees him continuing on his treasure quest. With Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx it comprises of multipliers, boosters, free spins, rolling reels and a payout max that is over 6,000x the bet made. Plus, its 35 pay line 5×5 reel can easily be enhanced to 50 pay lines that can provide even higher winnings. With an adventure like this waiting for you, you only need to ensure that you are prepared to seek the ancient riches of Egypt.

Hidden Valley

The Hidden Valley has you searching for its secret Tibetan entrance. It focuses on the Shangri La legend, and includes reels with a 3-4-4-4-3 design, which can also cause your game to become explosive. Features of Hidden Valley include wilds that are stacked and multipliers of 10x as well as other wilds that are provided during a free spin. As you play the free spin round, you get the opportunity to obtain more spins as well as changing game symbols into a wild so that a win can also grow.

Mighty Arthur

In this adventure game, you’ll join Merlin and King Arthur as you attempt to withdraw the sword in the stone in order to obtain huge wins. Mighty Arthur provides 10 spins for free. However, the best game feature involves when the appearance of hero wilds begin to pop up on each reel. The Merlin is a wild and randomly appears and could possibly land 6 more wilds. With King Arthur, this wild is capable of growing to create a symbol that offers 3×3 rewards.

The Epic Journey

With The Epic Journey, there is so much one can love about it. It utilizes reels that are stacked together with palettes. Not everyone will like this set up due to its inability to be aligned. The good thing about the reels concerns the wilds and bonuses. When a volcano symbol comes up, you can expect it to explode, which will cause it to shoot out balls of lava throughout the game’s screen. If the balls of lava make contact with the tiles, they become wilds. This could create even more wins depending on the amount that hit the tiles. If you are lucky enough to hit three earthship symbols, then your game will be completely bonus. You then choose the bonus game that you wish to play out of the three offered. The Epic Journey is based on Jules Verne quests and experiences. Its added music also comes from steampunk and Vernian collection.

A Switch in Time

As you play A Switch in Time you will be instantly transported back in time through time travel. With an impressive music track, you can’t help but get lost in time. The A Switch in Time theme has a nice layer and its last track plays nonstop, but while a spin is made an individual sound is included. The free spin feature is activated by at least three symbols of the lady. As you hit the three symbols, a max of 78 spins are available, which can come in handy no matter what the number of winnings you have. To hit the slot’s bonus for time travel, it needs to have three of the symbols as well. As soon as a clock prize is hit, the slot game’s background is also triggered.

Some Great Slot Game Apps to Play on the Go

You can play online casino games for real money at maybe a thousand different casinos and sweat over how you will make the deposits, whether the casino will really payout as promised (a big problem with many online casinos), or simply how you will explain to your spouse how the rent money went to an online casino. But casino games are very fun to play just for free, and you don’t have to worry about all of the above (particularly explaining where the rent or the car payment went, and during your hour’s lunch break, instead of smoking with the boys or the girls, you can fire up your smartphone and play a few relaxing games of your favourite casino game.

Vegas online slots

If you like to play slot machines, and with the all of the huge variety of current slots, who doesn’t have at least one or two favourites, then consider going for Free Vegas Online slots is the largest supplier of free slot machines on the Internet. They currently feature over 7,780 free slot machines. And unlike some free games on the internet, there is no need to download and type of software on your phone. Just click and play. Another thing we like about Vegas Online slots is that there are no upsells. Some “free” casino sites try to get you to spend up to $100 or more buying “virtual money” to spend on their slots or table games. Why pay money when with a swipe your smartphone, you can reload the game? We never pay for “virtual currency” and don’t see the point. You normally start with 1,000 coins on Vegas Online for each game, which will give you considerable play. The Best Part of Vegas Online Slots is that there are dozens upon dozens of slots, all created by different developers. Each game has all the sound effects and the bonus features of those you will find online. And with so many developers participating, if you find a slot that you really like, you can take note of it and look for that game if you ever decide to venture outside fantasy land and decide to take a real online gambling vacation. Because of the huge variety of slots, and with new slots being added every day, we give Vegas Online Slots one of our highest recommendations.


Besides offering 7,000 free slot machines to play, it also features Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, and Poker. If you have been itching to play those games for real money at an online casino but weren’t really sure how they worked, this is the place. Unfortunately, if you don’t really understand how the different games work you may need to go ahead and do a search for how to play the games, such as how to play craps or poker for example first, as there is no tutorial with the games, and unlike slot machines, there is more to do than just bet and spin. Our only gripe with it, and it’s a minor one, is that even when maximizing the game, the overall player area is a little small for our taste. But then we used a PC to check it out. The games might be the perfect size on a smartphone. Anyway, slots get a little boring after a while unless you find a great machine, and free casino table games are more of a challenge. Another thing we like is that for example, in the game of blackjack, if you go to an online casino, you will see that they offer several varieties of blackjack. Correspondingly, offers nearly 20 varieties of blackjack. The same goes for roulette in which they offer 35 different varieties. As a consequence, Casino.org is a great place to broaden your gambling skills as well as to test that sure-fire betting strategy that you paid $50 for since it comes with a moneyback guarantee.

Casino Guru

Casino.guru is another great place to point your smartphone. Besides having thousands of slot machines to try, Casino Guru has great table games. One of the most popular games out there now days is 3-card poker. You can play both 3-card poker and Caribbean poker at Casino Guru. If you’ve never played a 3-card poker, you owe it to yourself to try. You can also play several varieties of blackjack and roulette there.

Online Gambling.com

Our final stop for free games is at Online Gambling.com. Featuring slots, craps, roulette, craps, and poker, this is another great site to pass a few minutes on the go while waiting for that delayed plane at the airport. There is no download required, and the games are easy to play with great graphics.

The Best Space-Themed Slot Games

Spinning the slot machines has since become most people’s pass time. But one thing about this is that everyone has their favourite slot games. One of the most popular favourites is slot games with space themes. If you’re curious about what could be at the furthest corner of the universe, then space themes are your slots. These slots are those that let you travel through the skies, pass through the stars, and land on the moon. So, if you want to inspire your imagination while playing slots, here are some popular space-themed slots to try out.


This is a wonderful slot themed game from NetEnt coming to you with superb graphics with features that will undoubtedly take players out of this world. The slot is full of action with the best 3D animations that are sure to see to it that you have fun. Aliens slot follows the creation of Aliens movie but 20th Century Fox with the atmosphere as dark as the movie itself. The slot also features a fantastic soundtrack that sets the tone for the play and experienced all the adventure that comes with the game. The gameplay is fantastic, with wild symbols and bonus features defining every aspect of it. Kill aliens as you progress and win awards as you continue to spin. Aliens is definitely a slot you’ll want to play over and over again.

Stars Awakening

Stars Awakening is another fantastic slot introducing you to aliens and planets as the main symbols of the game. Stars Awakening is inspired by Playtech technologies that take you to discover new worlds in the space. The game features 5-reels and 20 win lines with amazing 3D graphics. Play along and unlock unique scatter symbols giant symbols that give you a great time spinning the slots. If you love some thrill, then this slot is the one to take you through the universe as you explore other plants. You get to play along with alien characters acting astronauts. The interface is fantastic with interesting game design. Star aliens are the slot to play if you want to tour the space as you pass through different planets.

Space Digger

Space digger is a space-themed plot with the beautiful rocky background allowing you to dig your way to incredible wins. Prepare yourself with enough strength to get digging into the imaginary space as you uncover wins along the way with big prizes being your biggest motivation. Find incredible symbols with a wild icon being your space digging equipment, allowing you to shove up to 125 coins. Meet the energy tube, which is the bonus symbol that comes with free spins. Other symbols are mining equipment and machinery, among others. Space Digger has free games with a hidden gems theme. It is a perfect game for those enthusiastic enough to dig tunnels, paving their way to big slot prizes. Get digging in the Space Digger slot and discover those fantastic wins waiting for you to find your way under the surface.


Starburst is another incredible creation of NetEnt that comes with fantastic visuals with a classic, retro-style slot. The game invites you with flashing neon lights with diamond-like symbols that add a touch of jewel to the entire theme. The electronic sound effects and music sets a perfect tone for the game. The 3D animations are one of a kind with an environment of pure action and entertainment. The game is here to take you through a wonderful journey to the past world just through your smart devices. The gameplay comes with colourful symbols that you have to match in the pay line. It also features amazing symbols such as the Red 7, Starburst wild symbol, and the circular golden bar. One special symbol if this game is the Starburst wild that appears in the second, third, or fourth reel covering up to three spaces. The symbol allows you to unlock free re-spin when it appears. Play Starburst today and enjoy high volatility, visual beauty, and smooth gameplay.

Drone Wars

This is another fantastic 3D slot powered by Microgaming with a space theme. If you’ve always been fascinated about bursting the aliens, then this is your slot. And the good news is that you can play the game of your dreams for real money. The slot games come with 5 reels, 25 pay lines, and incredible bonuses. Your work on the slot is to try and save the planet from the hostile robots from the space threatening to bring destruction. The game comes with many references to the sci-film aesthetics with drones and colourful robots in the reels. It comes with some of the best 3D special effects with futuristic machinery, old-fashioned, retro aesthetics. The game design is fun to look at with mysterious blinking lights making things even more attractive.

Worlds at War

This is one game that’s going to wow you right from its name. The atmosphere of World at War comes with the unity of symbols with science fiction, incredible graphics, and an amazing soundtrack. It comes with attractive colours, including dark blue, fiery, and violet, with the theme of the ward of worlds being the main attraction. The slot is a 5 reel with 25 pay lines. The player gets to control the coil value. The game features interesting symbols such as Earth, Trooper, Ship, Nibiru, Stinger, Star Station, Cyclone, Wasp, Crawler, and Aileron. These names perfectly match the theme of the game. The wild symbol is the commander Griffin which is the bonus symbol that also substitutes any other symbol. For those who love space themes with science fiction, Worlds at War is your game.


If you’ve thrilled by the imagination of travelling to the world of aliens with treasures along the way, then you’re excited about space-themed slots. You get the chance to travel to the imaginary world and explore your dreams with just your smartphone or tablet. If you’re ready to experience the amazing thrill and win your way through space, then these fantastic slots are your games of choice. Choose the game that excites you the most and gets playing in the imaginary space.

The Best Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

Progressive jackpot slot machines got to the gaming industry in the year 1986. It was introduced by the American slot machine industry, International Gaming Technology. The introduction of this machine enhanced the availability of many jackpots in the market. Here every bet was enhanced by a gamer deduct the cash taken by the casino for maintenance. Since the actual progressive jackpot slots were inadequate in one machine, the disbursements continued to be modest than they were predicted.

The networking of progressive jackpot slot machines transformed progressive slot play as well as the betting industry. This machine has two networks one is local while the other one is the wide-area network. Local area progressive offers wide possible jackpots, unlike the real stand-alone jackpot slot machine. This is because the coordination of the networks adds to the payout possibility of a single machine. Since the local-area network may consist of about a hundred machines, disbursement is usually less or exactly $100,000.

Currently, the big slot needs wide-area advanced networks since the machines are linked to many other slot machines locally or nationally. For gamers playing in states that are rich in betting cultures such as Pennsylvania and Nevada, it simply means great potential jackpot. This article herein discusses some of the best progressive slot machines globally.


This is the top wide-area progressive jackpot slot machine to appear in the gaming industry. Today it is still used widely. Megabuck deals with dollar slot games where $3 bets are needed to proceed to the main jackpot. The top prize base amount is $10 million and when the payout is done the slot machine is reset again. In slot gaming organizations, Megabucks has been on record for the highest disbursements. Also, victors have a chance of picking the whole payout in one sum or distributing it over 25 years in yearly instalments. Typically, Megabucks gaming is found exclusively in Nevada. However, visitors are welcomed to try their fortune since the gaming slot is found in most casinos in Las Vegas as well as Reno. The jackpots have been ranging one every year for the last few years having more jackpots leading three per year. Megabuck has been attracting more people because of its winning consistency worth $10 million and above.

Wheel of Fortune Slots

This is another top progressive jackpot slot machine that is designed in such a way that it has an iconic wheel that spins once the button is pressed. Also, as the wheel spin, there is a game theme music that is attractive to the gamers. The machine is also manufactured by IGT and comes with selections of $1 as well as $5 gaming ranks. Its quarter entails 3 coins or else 75c games to get to the jackpot knockouts. After the knockout, the bonanza level is reset to $200,000. In terms of variations, the 25c version pays out a minimum though more frequent bringing together the last years a minimum of one jackpot payout monthly. To qualify for the bonanza, you need $2 bet meaning it is a dollar slot machine. This machine allows winners to receive their payouts in 25 yearly instalments. The base of the Wheel Fortune Slot machine is set at $1 million and is reset once the bonanza is hit. Despite its small jackpots, the machine pays out more frequently. Over the past few years, there were 17 jackpot disbursements worth $1 million.

Saturday Night Live Slots

This kind of progressive jackpot slot machine was introduced by Bally Gaming is one of the best slots. This is because of the big variations between the kinds of the game and the possibility for top bonuses. Usually, the Saturday Night Live jackpot commences at $10,000 on one machine and then continues. But then again some slots are connected to wide-area or local networks to maximize the potential disbursements. For instance, based on the variations, The Church Lady offers a Church Hat as well as a Canned Ham bonus game. The other version is Wayne’s World having a Guitar feature that offers 15 times the top bet’s price and provides an option that can multiply your bets worth by 1000. As a result, the likelihood of getting high jackpot disbursement.

Sex and the City Slots

Have been a huge hit in Vegas due to its famous TV show that develops its make and name. These progressive jackpot slot machines have gained their status for attracting single women as a result of the shoe’s identity as well as the audience. The machine was developed by IGT with attractive themes and icons. Besides the machine is strictly penny slot hence a game can cost less compared to other progressive slot plays. These progressive jackpot slots are usually four in one game. Thus they offer most variations in the play. In the case of high play skills, you are required to game all four screens simultaneously. This is because every play per screen is 50c an utmost play is $2 that is raising into the paramount advanced wide-area slot game. Besides, the play provides nine bonus sequences where the gamer may improve earnings.

Millionaire 777s

This is a popular progressive jackpot slot whose status is based o the provision of regular disbursements. Here the player has an opportunity to win $1 million in every 107 spins. The set base bonanza is $1 million and is reset after the jackpot hit.


It is a large-area connected progressive jackpot slot play that links Nevada machines. Currently, the jackpot hit was on 2nd June 2015 at Orleans Casino and Hotel for $1.35 million-plus.


It is also a progressive jackpot play connected with a large-area structure to casinos in New Jersey as well as Nevada. Normally, found within various gaming club in and around Las Vegas. This play allows many repeated games since it has fewer bets. The highest disbursement is above $178,000.

The Best Movie Slot Machines

The film slot category includes all those video slots that draw inspiration from famous films broadcast on TV or from real cinematographic masterpieces. You can, therefore, indulge yourself with slots that present among the various symbols a character from your favourite films such as Robin Hood, Ghostbusters Triple Slime, Rocky, Titanic and many others! Among the most successful cinema slots, we can remember Gladiator film slot that traces the heroic adventures of the unforgettable film The Gladiator, with the actor from Oscar Russel Crowe.

The film and cinema slots are entertaining and more exciting because they take inspiration from our favourite films! There is something for all tastes: whether you love the big screen or prefer the small one or even more if you are more traditionalist and prefer the classic fairy tales they told you; you can find any genre! Try the most beautiful free slots.

Try all the free cinema slot machines you want! In this way, you can get to know the cinema slots for free, without risking anything and without time limits! When deciding which slot to play for real money, remember to check among the various AAMS online casinos which one offers the most advantageous bonus. In this way, you will play the free cinema slots to understand how to win more later with real money!

Play live slots

If you are a lover of all that is virtual but real at the same time, try the free live cinema slots, and you will be delighted! Lots of titles to create a unique gaming experience! Once you decide to play free cinema slots live you will understand how much fun it will be. But above all, you can relive your favourite characters thanks to the possibility of seeing them through the live cinema slots.

Don’t miss the chance to win! All you have to do is try out your favourite free live cinema slot machine and then as soon as you feel ready, try your luck by betting real money and taking advantage of the bonuses offered by the casinos.

Choose the best in 3D cinema

Now everyone is crazy about 3D cinema! If you also love the feeling of relief and depth typical of the three-dimensional film, you absolutely cannot miss the 3D cinema slots! Their main feature is undoubtedly the exceptional and more realistic graphics that make the slot no longer flat.

Not to mention the sound effects and animations that are incomparable to classic slots.

For these reasons, 3d slot cinemas have enjoyed incredible success in online and land-based casinos, especially since they have been made compatible with all operating systems and with all Android and Apple mobile devices.

In short, the 3d cinema slots are many, and even in this case, you can try 3d cinema slots for free!

Are you ready to play and live a unique and amazing experience? Search among the 3d cinema slots the one you prefer and have fun with your favourite characters as if they were with you! Below are some movie slot machines.

Sausage Party slot machine

It is a tasty online game made by the Blueprint Gaming provider. The Sausage Party online slot is inspired by the 2016 film of the same name which features Frank, a sweat sausage. When Frank and his friends discover that they are meant to be eaten by men, they devise a plan to escape, along with the other supermarket products, from their enemies.

Justice League

Justice League slot is a Playtech product. The slot machine features a series of superheroes fighting together to save the planet from a catastrophe. In Justice League slot you will find yourself alongside superheroes to achieve this. As anticipated, superheroes animate Justice League slots. Then you will find among the Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg symbols that pay more while the low-value symbols are those associated with a superhero. Therefore the S of Superman, the W of Wonder Woman, the lightning associated with Flash and the bat associated with Batman.

Superman II

Based on the sequel to the first film, the second in this series sees the man of steel once again face Lex Luthor, this time aided by three Kryptonians with a poisoned tooth against our hero. Although it may seem less appealing than the previous slot, Superman II has some interesting aspects. Some matches can guarantee you 5000x multipliers, and five mini-games can be activated. Superman II is available on William Hill.

Man of steel

A slot inspired by the latest Superman remake with Henry Cavill is probably less entertaining than the two previous slots in terms of potential winnings. There are some multipliers (up to 1000 times your bet) and bonus modes, but one of the best aspects is undoubtedly the fact that you can also bet 0.02 coins. And don’t be fooled by just 25 pay lines – they can be doubled with the Krypton bonus. Go to Betfair to give the modern version of this timeless classic a chance.

The Dark Knight

One of the many masterpieces of director Christopher Nolan, this melancholic sequel to Batman Begins has remained in history for the extraordinary interpretation by the late Heath Ledger. His version of Joker, as well as the movie itself, are revived in this slot. The protagonists and the settings are recreated with perfect 3D graphics. At the same time, the game features a progressive jackpot and very low minimum bets, which means that from a € 1 game you can potentially win even more than a million. You can find Villa Wayne on SNAI.

Planet of Apes

Andy Serkis, an extraordinary actor in interpreting fantastic creatures, was the last to play the role of Caesar in the 2011 remake. The use of computer graphics was impressive, something that this slot has been able to match masterfully. True, there are no progressive jackpots, but this lack is compensated for by the fact that the game is split over two screens. This makes everything more appealing and allows you to double the payment lines from 20 to 40. Go immediately to Gioco Digitale to visit the Planet of the Apes.


The only one will remain, said Christopher Lambert in this 1987 masterpiece. Fortunately, however, this slot allows everyone to win, including a maximum payout of 100,000 coins, which is very interesting. The film is now a vintage classic, but the graphics and sound effects get the result of bringing the protagonists of Highlander into the 21st century, so it is worth trying your luck in such a suggestive setting.


The most beloved boxer in the history of cinema characterizes this slot machine. As well as the timeless classic from which it draws inspiration, the slot is quite traditional and has five reels and 25 pay lines. In full Rocky-style, which managed to reach the stars from the stables, you can start with minimum bets (about 0.01), but you have the possibility of obtaining a multiplier of 10,000 times the bet if you get five Rocky in a row. Visit SNAI to get into the ring with Rocky.

Best Real Money Slot Apps 2020

It is quite a comforting idea to sit back at home and do the things you love doing without worrying about missing out on the experience of it in real-time. For instance, a large segment of the world’s population might want to indulge in casino games, especially those of slots. But at the same time, they might not want to travel all the way to a land-based casino to play the slots. In such cases, casino apps serve as a great welcome relief. While some of these apps are played purely for fun and entertainment, there are many others that can be played for real money, and that is exactly what we are going to be looking at in this article.

Vegas Hero Online:

This online casino is operated by Genesis Global Limited and has been dominating the casino scene from 2017. One of the most exciting features of this real money online casino is that you get to pose as a superhero and use your prowess to play the games. Thus, if you want to break free from the monotony of the usual run-off-the-mill online casino games, Vegas Hero should be a fine choice for you.


Spinit is one such casino app that keeps its users on their toes with its fresh-out-of-the-box user interface. However, users do not have to face any complications with Spinit since it really is easy to use, but also at the same time stands out from all the other online casinos. It offers over 1300 games, and its video slots are something to look forward to. Therefore, if making money real-time from playing slots online is on your mind, head over to Spinit and make use of its features.

Betway Casino:

Betway Casino has been in the scene for a long time now and spells of authenticity and credibility. Plus, it has several games to offer for real-money that any player would like to indulge in. From online slots to multiple variations of table games, players can take their pick and go about appeasing their inner gambler. Plus, assistance to these games is available in over 20 languages which makes it the best destination for slot games.


Owned and operated by Leo Vegas International, the casino came into being in 2012. It would interest you to learn about the fact that the online platform of this casino won the Mobile Casino Operator of the Year and the slots remain its major attraction. Therefore, if you want to make some money out of the slots sitting inside your house, LeoVegas should be an excellent choice for you.


The aforementioned online casinos and apps will undoubtedly get you in the mood at once and not only help you make real money from these slots, but also give you all the feel of playing at a real casino. Therefore, when you can download one of these apps or head over to their online website, there is hardly any reason to run all the way to a land-based casino.

Aspects That Make You Think Twice Before Playing Slot Machines

The type of excitement that goes into a person before playing slots is something unimaginable. They tend to go beyond ways to play the game with the hope to earn some money. Contrary to popular belief, we are going to give you a couple of reasons as to why you need to think twice before playing slots. These reasons tend to come into effect on account of its price and the economics that frame the casino. Hence, here’s why.


1. The Price

The price of a slot does not sit well with a particular economic theory. Remember the relationship between price and demand, which states that as price increases, demand decreases? Well, that particular factor may not pave the way for slot machines, and it’s mechanics. The price for slots is decided by casino operators, and they usually place it as the average or the expected house edge on each bet placed by players. So towards the end, the price will mean different things for a player and the casino. The amount that casinos charge is the 10% that it expects to collect from gamblers through time.  But for this particular factor to become evident, it may take a lot of time.

2. Price Perspectives

The best way to understand the price perspectives is to look into the gap of the short term view of the players and the long term view of the management. This particular aspect is quite evident, and it fuels each other to move forward. One can understand the same by just looking into the bankroll of an individual who comes forward to play slots. He/she has numerous options in front of them like winning, losing or loosing without facing significant odds. In comparison, the last two options are more likely to happen. This is because the casino requires a bunch of losses to give out jackpots. Hence a considerable number of individuals will have to lose before an individual can win.

3. The Price of House Edge

The increasing prices of the house edge is an apparent phenomenon that has not stopped people from playing this particular game. This increase has given more gains to the casino and players come ahead to play anyway. Aspects like payout and strategies are things that motivate a player into playing slots. As they consider the payout to solve all problems, in reality, it gives the casino more money. You might come up with a bunch of strategies, but to win, other people will have to lose. So by all means, things will be heading into the right direction, as far as a casino is concerned. Hence, think twice before playing slots.

Classic Tricks to Help You Win at Slots

Winning at slots tend to be a topic that many get confused about. Facing the odds and overcoming, the same does not sound like an easy thing to achieve. But that does not make aspects impossible. Yes, that’s right. By putting in the right form of effort, you can make the most out of slots and ensure to come out victorious. Arriving in the form of tricks, they give you a couple of insights into winning by promoting moves and strategies that work. Hence, to help you get started, here are some classic tricks to help you win at slots.


1. Look for Ones with a good RTP Percentage

RTP(Return to Player) is an important aspect that you need to consider. As the name suggests, it talks about the kind of returns that you are eventually going to face. But these aspects are not quite visible in all machines. There are some that are known to give out a good amount of payouts. Hence, look for these machines and make the most out of the same. By doing so, you are raising your chances at winning with bets coming into effect in the right manner.


2. Increase Volatility

If you are given any chance of raising volatility, then you should go ahead and perform the same. One particular feature that comes to mind is the double up feature. In a long term fashion, this specific feature can raise volatility and make aspects all the more interesting. By doing so, things tend to become predictable from a stand where you can control. Towards the end, aspects become appealing, and you will be able to get what you need. By focusing all your attention on the game, you can be assured of applying aspects that need to be applied.

3. Loose Slots

There is a particular reason behind people claiming loose slots to be their dream come true. By all means, these machines come forward to benefit you in so many ways. The payout percentage for these machines is relatively higher, and you will be glad about the same. You can achieve a lot by using these machines as the rates are quite different for them.

4. Free Spins

The free spin is an offer that you should not refuse. This particular aspect stands to be accurate, and you must be aware of the same. Free spins come out with various kinds of opportunities, and it can also mean free money. This particular feature is promoted as a move to increase the number of people who come forward to play slots. Hence, when you get an opportunity or chance of this sort, make sure to use it.

Essential Tips for Using Mobile Casinos

Online casinos and mobile casinos have come forward to make matters comfortable, and people seem to be happy about the same. The idea about sitting within your homes to play the game is something that adds a lot of demand. Thus the industry is filled with developers coming forward with different mobile casinos. But before moving forward, there are points that you need to consider. Coming in the form of tips, these points will help you make the most out of your mobile casino experience.


1. Aspects of Security

The internet is filled with a lot of individuals whose purpose is not the same as yours. So the aspect of security is essential and you need to look into the same. The app or website that you are planning on choosing should have all that you need to make your information private and hidden from the real world. Only verified applications can provide this particular form of service and help you make ends meet. Hence, consider security before gambling.

2. The Mobile App

Apps have become the new norm of services since you find one for everything. Similarly, mobile casinos also have apps available on prominent platforms like IOS, Android, and so on. Their user-friendly features, options for games and rules need to be essential reasons for choosing an application. By doing so, you can be assured of picking the right one needed to make things easier. Your overall casino experience will also hit the high note, and you will be glad about the same.


3. Rewards and Bonuses

Every casino hits you with various forms of bonuses as a promotional move to encourage you to join and stay for a long time. Since there are so many options, you might as well check it out. But before you do the same, make sure to compare casinos in terms of bonuses. Look into the ones that offer better offers and go ahead to gamble using that particular application. In this manner, you will be choosing the right mobile casino intended to help you have fun.

4. Mobile Websites

If downloading an app consumes a lot of space and causes a form of inconvenience, you can go ahead to gamble using the website. Yes, that’s right. Although compatibility and user experience tend to be a bit different, casinos are making all efforts to be progressive. Optimal playability can be achieved through browsers, and that does not indicate any particular platform. These websites are enhanced for mobile, and thus their performance goes up in the right manner. You can achieve stability, speed and a lot more, by using these websites. Hence, look into these options and choose the ideal one.

Slot Machines with the Best Odds

Slot machines that include a huge share of payout is an essential feature that everyone looks for in a slot machine. This features not only make matters progressive but also guarantee success to a large extent. So by all means, people are on the lookout for such machines. But identifying them might not be an easy task unless you bring in some help. There are specific aspects that make up a slot machine with good odds, so it is essential to note them down. Hence to help you out, here are those aspects.


1. The Location

The place where this particular slot machine is placed tends to be the first sign that you need to look out for. These machines are usually kept at central locations so that they can capture the attention of the people in the casino. By raising their curiosity and interest, casinos manage to encourage them to play slots.


2. Small Jackpots

The potential of the jackpot also determines the rate of success. In other words, when the potential is more significant, you might find it hard to win. So, this means that jackpots with smaller values are more comfortable to win and play.


3. The Pay Table

If you are not quite aware of the rules of the play table, then you should not go-ahead to play. These rules tend to form a considerable part of the game, and it also helps you understand the meaning behind the signs. So, once you are aware of these rules and signs, you will be able to make the right moves and play accordingly.

4. Denominations

It is known that the chances of payouts tend to come out from machines that let you make higher bets. In this manner, it is essential to go behind slots that have a higher betting denomination with a payback percentage of about 95%.


5. Research and Analysis

Conducting some research for this purpose will be an essential move that comes with a lot of benefits. By analysing different slot games, you will be able to collect some additional information about their payout and other aspects. Towards the end, things will be heading in the right direction, and you will be glad about the same.

6. The Importance of Having Fun

The first game of slot that you play needs to help you have fun. Regardless of whether you win or lose, the most crucial part is to have fun. By going forward in this manner, you will also realise that luck comes into the picture when you’re able to win. So when the game goes in ways that manage to reduce your chances, you can note that you are playing for fun.

The Best Multi-Spin Slot Casinos

Slots with several reels of spin tend to be a unique form of playing, and people look forward to such features. The variant comes ahead with multiple opportunities, and people do not want to miss out on the same. So they go out to be on the lookout for these aspects but come back with results that are not entirely pleasing. Since a particular form of research can make matters effective, we decided to step in. Hence, here are some of the best multi-spin slot casinos.


1. Jackpot City Casino

The popularity of Jackpot City casino tends to be on the rise for a whole bunch of reasons. Their options are numerous both in terms of games and payment. Apart from that, their inclusion of multi-spin for slots is another aspect that seems to be paying off. The casino has been in the business for quite some time and thus, understands the ways through which it functions. So by all means, they wouldn’t disappoint their players instead provide quality features to enjoy the beautiful game.

2. Spin Casino

With a good amount of welcome bonus, you can avail the right ingredient from Spin casino. Coming close to Jackpot City, the casino has managed to shake the ground with features. The technology that they have implemented stands to be cutting edge and offers the right amount of stability and grip. But their central aspect also includes the option of multi-spin. By providing numerous aspects for slots, they come forward to make matters click and help individuals have a great time.


3. Ignition Casino

When it comes to slots, Ignition Casino does not waste time in boasting its features. They arrive at the matter at hand by displaying all that you need to know. By featuring plenty of adoptions, they also bring forward the idea about helping you get used to something new and real. The welcome bonus and offers stand to prove a thing or two about this particular casino. They might not be on par with Jackpot City, but they do have an active role to play in multi-spin slots.

4. Ruby Fortune Casino

Ruby Fortune Casino reeks of good luck as it was established in 2003 and also won an award in the same year. Their main aspect that garnered attention has to be the fact that their slots meet with 95.-96% range when it comes to payout. Due to that, this casino has numerous takers, and it is also available for various platforms. With the adaptation of a good software, their features stand to be unique and special. So by all means, if you are looking for multi-spins and various other features, then these names should do the trick.

The 777 Casino Games Review

For people who like playing various types of casino games, understanding what rules the domain of the games and how many new games are introduced in the market is something of a revelation. Plus, doing some research on the new casino games can help players to follow the rubrics and check whether the game is really worth their while. One such game that we are about to take up in this article is the 777 casino game. The review of the game that we are about to provide in this article can help you understand the game better and see to it that you have higher chances of winning.

A Great Platform to Find Traditional and Modern Casino Games:

The 777 casino game provides a great platform for users who like to play the traditional and well as the modern casino games with the same gusto and enthusiasm. It has the best of both world and is just the right mix of the vintage as well as the contemporary. Plus, when you get all of that on the same platform, the fun quotient only increases manifold and makes for a great gambling experience.

It Offers Some Lucrative Bonuses:

Bonuses offered by casino games are always up for grabs, and a wise gamer would never let those bonuses slip off. And fortunately, the 777 casino games have a plethora of bonuses and rewards to offer that can help the players to improve their chances of winning. These bonuses allow the players to bet higher and cushion the players against losses.

Optimum Level of Security:

There is one major concern that most players who play the online slots or various other casino games have, and that is of the security of the websites. However, the 777 casino games are quite a relief that way because they are regulated by authentic institutions and conform to the industry standards. You can play the games without having to break a sweat on the forehead and enjoy them without the nagging worry of your security being compromised.


Online casino games, especially those of the slot games, come along with a world of apprehensions and security concerns. But, that does not mean that you must avoid indulging in these online casino games in their entirety and run to a land-based casino every time you have a craving. You only have to learn to pick the right sites for yourself and download the right apps. 777 casino games happen to be a great place to find a myriad of casino games that you can play to your heart’s content. With the right game at your disposal, having fun at the online casinos can be an amazing experience.

The Best Vegas-Style Slot Machines

Vegas and slots tend to form a unique combination that goes a long way in making matters exciting. The entire scenario for adventure goes up a notch, and people seem to be satisfied. But to achieve that particular feat, you will have to first pick the right one. Since a number of these machines exist, picking the right one might be hard and tends to consume a lot of time. Since we have already consumed enough time for this matter, we have made a list of some of the best. Hence, to be more specific, here are the best Vegas-style slot machines.


1. Raging Rhino

A slot machine venturing into a list of being a classic is a rare feat and only Raging Rhino can pull it off. Although you may find various games better than the Raging Rhino, none of them can reach a particular point of authenticity. In comparison, those games will lack a thing or two, and Raging Rhino will ultimately be declared as the winner.

2. Miss Kitty

Launched way back in 2011, Miss Kitty turned out to be a phenomenon, and it continues to do so. People who get to know about slots tend to venture into particular game one way or the other. They get introduced to it, as Miss Kitty is an integral part of the world of slots.


3. Siberian Storm

With an excellent Return to Player (RTP) percentage, you can expect a lot from the Siberian Storm. It provides a unique dig into the world of adventure, and everything seems to head in the right direction. The individuals who play this game tend to leave by quoting various forms of feedback that rely on the positive side of things. Hence, you have a couple of reasons to play Siberian Storm.

4. Davinci Diamonds

Adding the touch of the Davinci is an important ingredient that never goes wrong. As far as the Davinci Diamonds is concerned, things looked the same and the game is incredible. Known to be a legendary aspect, this particular game tends to venture ahead using the right features and modes. Towards the end, you will gain a lot from Davinci Diamonds.


5. White Orchid

The White Orchid is another classic that hit the shelves back in 2010. Although the game reeks of age, it manages to prove a thing or two about slots. The vivid dynamics that it brings to the table are nothing short of being a spectacle. Be it adventure or theme; White Orchid gives you the perfect combination that you should never miss. Hence, look into these options and pick the one that helps you seek adventure, excitement and a lot of fun.

Winning Tips for Online Slot Games

Slot games are the most interesting part of any casino. They come in several variations and have some massive jackpots to offer to anyone who is lucky enough to hit them. However, this is where the catch lies. While in the case of table games and several card games, it might be possible to do a quick math and chart out a gameplay, slot games do not work that way. Slot games are purely a game of chance, and the outcomes are only predicted by the random number generator. Having said that, there might be a few means that you can resort to in order to improve your chances of winning a hand at the slots. It might not be possible to predict the outcomes or have a guaranteed win. But it definitely is possible to tweak your chances of winning.

Make Sure You Do Your Research:

It is important to remember that you need to find the right online website for slot games before you head over to try your luck at one of them. Not every site is authentic or credible, and it is essential to do your research well and understand the rules and regulations that run the site if you are to improve your chances of winning. Plus, a proper research will also help you stay wary of frauds and scams.

Be Careful About Your Budget:

Casino games can be addictive, especially those of the slot games. Therefore, it is important that you stick to your budget and do not deviate from the constraint, lest it could unleash a world of trouble on you. You might end up spending more than what you had expected, and this could lead to unwanted stress and anxiety. And there is a universal rule that anxiety and stress can lead you to lose your concentration, which shall not fare well for you.


Pick the Right Slot Game:

Slot games are quite easy to play, but this does not mean that you are cut out for every type of game. You must learn to pick your game wisely. Understanding the right game for you can help you choose what you think could push you towards winning the jackpot prize. Everyone has a sweet spot and one useful trick to improve your chances at winning is by understanding what that is for you.

Choose Games that Offer Small Jackpots:

It can be tempting to aim for a game that offers a massive jackpot. But here is a trick that you can use to ensure that you have higher chances of winning. Play the slots that offer smaller jackpots. The games with smaller jackpots allow you to play more rounds which obviously means that you have more chances of winning the jackpot.


There are several ways to hit the jackpot on slots and see to it that your chances of winning the online slots are high. You might not be able to devise the techniques on your first try, but that does not mean that there is no way to find what suits you the best.

Top Rated Online Slot Games with Big Payouts and Jackpots

The greatest draw of online casinos is that you can play all that you would find in a land-based casino right on your digital screens, and it does not even require you to visit a casino to be able to do that. Technology has blessed humans with the kind of liberty that has made lives much more comfortable. Speaking of the comfort about online casino games, it is imperative to shed light on the slot games that have big payouts and jackpots. And in order to make it easier for you to win at the slot games, we have brought together a list of the topmost online slot games so that you can take your pick and win big.

Mega Moolah:

One of the best online video slots is the Mega Moolah, and it is considered as a masterpiece in the world of video slots. The bonus feature on this particular video slot is what draws millions to playing this game since availing the bonuses can make you a millionaire instantly and we are not even exaggerating. Therefore, if you want to make it big with online slot games, you must try out the Mega Moolah.

Mega Fortune:

Every slot game that begins with the word ‘Mega’ has something significant to offer. Just like Mega Moolah, Mega fortune also has a massive jackpot to offer to its players. It has three progressive jackpots and a series of free spins that can turn the wheels to your favour, and quite literally. Plus, the background of this game is quite glamorous and glitzy that makes it appealing to the eyes as well.

Hall of Gods:

The Hall of Gods is a video slot game that is set against the backdrop of Greek gods and goddesses. This lends the game quite an appeal and an allure that might be difficult to find in other video slot games. Plus, this video slot game offers up to 20 free spins which is not a number that can be ignored. Therefore, if you are in for making some significant amount of money and also want a mystical appeal to your game, head over to play the Hall of Gods.


Video slot games are quite exciting because they come with variety and several exciting features that might not be otherwise available in other types of games. Plus, the jackpots that the aforementioned slot games have to offer are amazing and are not something that should be missed out on. Therefore, for the ones who are quite into gambling and trying their luck at the video slots, it is important that they see what these games have got to offer.

Massive Winners

They have some of the easier games which can also be challenging as we go ahead.
Seth Gordon
They provide some of the widest range of slots games for a definite win.
Denise Wilkins
Their variation of poker has given me the confidence to bring out my game.
Chester Potter