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Press & Media Kit

Here you will find the basic info, features and representative media about the game available for every use. For additional information or any other specific request don't hesitate to contact us directly. We will be more than happy to share more with you!

Game overview

Urban Galaxy Online takes place in a futuristic urban environment, a city called Anassin. The player arrives in this city of opportunities to make a fresh start, where great reformations are taking place. The local empire has joined forces with a galactic federation of planets and systems to clean the whole empire from ravaging pirates, gangs and internal corruption.

Anassin is a chess plate of political, commercial and war games with many players trying to takeover the city for their own purposes, including the control of an invaluable resource called carble that can only be produced on the planet.

The player is trying to grasp opportunities to fulfill his goals of either wealth, fighting mastery or control - in a mobster and mafia way. Those opportunities are either quests from the game companies and factions, events that occur on the districts the player is moving in or direct warfare between companies, taking place in private districts between hired mercenaries - players included.