The Best Adventure Themed Slot Games

Playing an adventure-themed slot can be a thrilling experience for those players who love legends, far away locations, and stories based on myth. You will enjoy discovering the many adventure-driven characters who await your arrival as you make your way through archaeological and historical settings. The other thing is that players are not worried about any big wins as long as they are able to enjoy playing their favourite adventure slot. By involving different adventures, players can seek out plenty of action, treasures, and backgrounds.

Why You Should Play

Regardless of how much you plan to spend while playing or your method for playing, an adventure slot is able to blast you off towards the adventure of a lifetime. That way, your imagination will always be sparked. It is for these reasons that a theme surrounding adventure is favoured more out of all of the rest. So, if you’re ready for the nonstop excitement and thrills, then check out the best adventure-themed slot games we’ve listed below.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is an adventure that follows Gonzalo Pizarro, an adventurer on the lookout for treasures. It is among the best-themed slots involving adventure. This adventure is also a top slot to have been released by NetEnt so players are able to explore the deep jungles of Central America from the comfort of home. Some of the game characteristics include wilds, free fall symbols, multipliers, avalanche reels, and many other visuals that provide aspects that are fascinating and straightforward.

Mining Fever

As you meet up with these crazy dwarfs, you’ll begin an adventure that has you searching for a treasure that a dragon is safeguarding. You’ll love how you need to work together in order to reach a deep depth as you drill. Then, collect gold along the way as the Dwarven Gold Train take you on an exciting quest. Mining Fever involves many activities besides drilling such as hitting, banging, and bombing throughout the game so if you have not played it before, then you will be glad you did as you discover over 240 different ways to become a winner.

Treasure Skyland

If you love you some monkeys, then you will enjoy playing Treasure Skyland. There is no need to wait to get underway on a sea adventure heading to Treasure Skyland. The entire design surrounds its map and Feature Reel. With the slot’s Feature Reel, it indiscriminately spins so that your odds are increased with the help of multipliers, upgrades, and features that extend the winnings. In addition to that, as soon as the map steps are completed the prize will be revealed during its Pick Bonus.

Aldo’s Journey

If world travel is your thing, then you’ll love heading out on Aldo’s Journey. While out and about you’ll be traveling all throughout Mongolia, Italy, China, and Persia. As you make your way through each location, you’ll obtain some added benefits while taking part in Aldo’s round of free spins. Aldo’s Journey presents some of the most absorbing image and visuals. It truly is a unique game that provides a lot of fun for the player. It is perfect for times where you want to experience a little more surprising quest.

Skulls Up!

During this pirate journey, you’ll be on the search for treasure and skulls as part of a crew of pirates. So, get ready for the high seas as you get underway with Skulls Up! Throughout the Skulls Up adventure, you’ll be on the lookout for their Flaming Skull wilds, which will provide you with re-spins. Once all three symbols of the treasure chest are activated, a round of free spins gets opened. Besides increasing the number of possible winnings, these spins can also raise the reel symbols to six. If you love true adventure, then you want to make sure to be a part of this game’s action.

Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx

The Lost Sphinx is Jungle Jim’s follow up adventure that sees him continuing on his treasure quest. With Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx it comprises of multipliers, boosters, free spins, rolling reels and a payout max that is over 6,000x the bet made. Plus, its 35 pay line 5×5 reel can easily be enhanced to 50 pay lines that can provide even higher winnings. With an adventure like this waiting for you, you only need to ensure that you are prepared to seek the ancient riches of Egypt.

Hidden Valley

The Hidden Valley has you searching for its secret Tibetan entrance. It focuses on the Shangri La legend, and includes reels with a 3-4-4-4-3 design, which can also cause your game to become explosive. Features of Hidden Valley include wilds that are stacked and multipliers of 10x as well as other wilds that are provided during a free spin. As you play the free spin round, you get the opportunity to obtain more spins as well as changing game symbols into a wild so that a win can also grow.

Mighty Arthur

In this adventure game, you’ll join Merlin and King Arthur as you attempt to withdraw the sword in the stone in order to obtain huge wins. Mighty Arthur provides 10 spins for free. However, the best game feature involves when the appearance of hero wilds begin to pop up on each reel. The Merlin is a wild and randomly appears and could possibly land 6 more wilds. With King Arthur, this wild is capable of growing to create a symbol that offers 3×3 rewards.

The Epic Journey

With The Epic Journey, there is so much one can love about it. It utilizes reels that are stacked together with palettes. Not everyone will like this set up due to its inability to be aligned. The good thing about the reels concerns the wilds and bonuses. When a volcano symbol comes up, you can expect it to explode, which will cause it to shoot out balls of lava throughout the game’s screen. If the balls of lava make contact with the tiles, they become wilds. This could create even more wins depending on the amount that hit the tiles. If you are lucky enough to hit three earthship symbols, then your game will be completely bonus. You then choose the bonus game that you wish to play out of the three offered. The Epic Journey is based on Jules Verne quests and experiences. Its added music also comes from steampunk and Vernian collection.

A Switch in Time

As you play A Switch in Time you will be instantly transported back in time through time travel. With an impressive music track, you can’t help but get lost in time. The A Switch in Time theme has a nice layer and its last track plays nonstop, but while a spin is made an individual sound is included. The free spin feature is activated by at least three symbols of the lady. As you hit the three symbols, a max of 78 spins are available, which can come in handy no matter what the number of winnings you have. To hit the slot’s bonus for time travel, it needs to have three of the symbols as well. As soon as a clock prize is hit, the slot game’s background is also triggered.