The Best Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

Progressive jackpot slot machines got to the gaming industry in the year 1986. It was introduced by the American slot machine industry, International Gaming Technology. The introduction of this machine enhanced the availability of many jackpots in the market. Here every bet was enhanced by a gamer deduct the cash taken by the casino for maintenance. Since the actual progressive jackpot slots were inadequate in one machine, the disbursements continued to be modest than they were predicted.

The networking of progressive jackpot slot machines transformed progressive slot play as well as the betting industry. This machine has two networks one is local while the other one is the wide-area network. Local area progressive offers wide possible jackpots, unlike the real stand-alone jackpot slot machine. This is because the coordination of the networks adds to the payout possibility of a single machine. Since the local-area network may consist of about a hundred machines, disbursement is usually less or exactly $100,000.

Currently, the big slot needs wide-area advanced networks since the machines are linked to many other slot machines locally or nationally. For gamers playing in states that are rich in betting cultures such as Pennsylvania and Nevada, it simply means great potential jackpot. This article herein discusses some of the best progressive slot machines globally.


This is the top wide-area progressive jackpot slot machine to appear in the gaming industry. Today it is still used widely. Megabuck deals with dollar slot games where $3 bets are needed to proceed to the main jackpot. The top prize base amount is $10 million and when the payout is done the slot machine is reset again. In slot gaming organizations, Megabucks has been on record for the highest disbursements. Also, victors have a chance of picking the whole payout in one sum or distributing it over 25 years in yearly instalments. Typically, Megabucks gaming is found exclusively in Nevada. However, visitors are welcomed to try their fortune since the gaming slot is found in most casinos in Las Vegas as well as Reno. The jackpots have been ranging one every year for the last few years having more jackpots leading three per year. Megabuck has been attracting more people because of its winning consistency worth $10 million and above.

Wheel of Fortune Slots

This is another top progressive jackpot slot machine that is designed in such a way that it has an iconic wheel that spins once the button is pressed. Also, as the wheel spin, there is a game theme music that is attractive to the gamers. The machine is also manufactured by IGT and comes with selections of $1 as well as $5 gaming ranks. Its quarter entails 3 coins or else 75c games to get to the jackpot knockouts. After the knockout, the bonanza level is reset to $200,000. In terms of variations, the 25c version pays out a minimum though more frequent bringing together the last years a minimum of one jackpot payout monthly. To qualify for the bonanza, you need $2 bet meaning it is a dollar slot machine. This machine allows winners to receive their payouts in 25 yearly instalments. The base of the Wheel Fortune Slot machine is set at $1 million and is reset once the bonanza is hit. Despite its small jackpots, the machine pays out more frequently. Over the past few years, there were 17 jackpot disbursements worth $1 million.

Saturday Night Live Slots

This kind of progressive jackpot slot machine was introduced by Bally Gaming is one of the best slots. This is because of the big variations between the kinds of the game and the possibility for top bonuses. Usually, the Saturday Night Live jackpot commences at $10,000 on one machine and then continues. But then again some slots are connected to wide-area or local networks to maximize the potential disbursements. For instance, based on the variations, The Church Lady offers a Church Hat as well as a Canned Ham bonus game. The other version is Wayne’s World having a Guitar feature that offers 15 times the top bet’s price and provides an option that can multiply your bets worth by 1000. As a result, the likelihood of getting high jackpot disbursement.

Sex and the City Slots

Have been a huge hit in Vegas due to its famous TV show that develops its make and name. These progressive jackpot slot machines have gained their status for attracting single women as a result of the shoe’s identity as well as the audience. The machine was developed by IGT with attractive themes and icons. Besides the machine is strictly penny slot hence a game can cost less compared to other progressive slot plays. These progressive jackpot slots are usually four in one game. Thus they offer most variations in the play. In the case of high play skills, you are required to game all four screens simultaneously. This is because every play per screen is 50c an utmost play is $2 that is raising into the paramount advanced wide-area slot game. Besides, the play provides nine bonus sequences where the gamer may improve earnings.

Millionaire 777s

This is a popular progressive jackpot slot whose status is based o the provision of regular disbursements. Here the player has an opportunity to win $1 million in every 107 spins. The set base bonanza is $1 million and is reset after the jackpot hit.


It is a large-area connected progressive jackpot slot play that links Nevada machines. Currently, the jackpot hit was on 2nd June 2015 at Orleans Casino and Hotel for $1.35 million-plus.


It is also a progressive jackpot play connected with a large-area structure to casinos in New Jersey as well as Nevada. Normally, found within various gaming club in and around Las Vegas. This play allows many repeated games since it has fewer bets. The highest disbursement is above $178,000.